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X'ten Ücretsiz Mavi Tik Haberi

Free Blue Ticks News from X

X comes up with innovations to regain its lost popularity compared to past times. The innovations and competition of the digital world continue without slowing down. In this competition, the new updates added to social media are welcomed by many users. One of these innovations comes from X!

As you know, Elon Musk recently announced that Premium will be offered to all users with at least 2,500 verified followers on X, and Premium+ subscription will be offered completely free of charge to those with 5 thousand verified followers. Upon this news, some users said that they saw the blue tick mark next to their usernames.

As you know, previously only accounts with a very high number of followers and celebrities, companies/media companies could get a free Premium blue tick. With the new regulation, accounts with low follower numbers will also be included in the platform. Especially journalists will be able to get a free blue tick.