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TikTok Notes Nedir?

What is TikTok Notes?

We can say that competition on social media is increasing day by day. This time the innovation is from TikTok.

TikTok Notes, TikTok's new application that allows you to share photos, is already available in some countries. The first countries where the application was used were Australia and Canada. Let's examine it in detail.

What is TikTok Notes?

We recently announced that TikTok is working on a new application focused on photo sharing. In recent weeks, TikTok shared the name of its new application, its rival to Instagram, with a notification sent to its users within the application, and the name of the application was announced as TikTok Notes, and the application was made available in some countries.

TikTok users' existing photos are expected to be automatically published within the TikTok Notes application. Although photos will be shared automatically, this feature can be turned off with an option in the settings.

Focusing on photo sharing, TikTok Notes will allow users to reach different people with similar interests and will synchronize with their TikTok profiles.

While all programs work on a TikTok-like application, it is interesting that TikTok follows such a path. Of course, it is an important innovation for TikTok users in terms of sharing non-video content and reaching potential people. Let's see when it will be active in Turkey...