m a s k e m e d y a

A successful social media management starts with analyzing and recognizing the brand well. At this stage, it is necessary to listen to the brand well and analyze what it needs.

As Mask Media Advertising Communication Services; Before starting the social media management of a brand, we analyze what the brand needs and which social media channels it will reach the target audience in order to be able to make the right analysis and define its needs well. As a first step, we believe that competitor analysis should be done before starting work.

You can think of competitor analysis as the heart movie of the brand. This movie shows us how fast or slow to run on social media platforms. If you don't have a good competitor analysis of the brand, we can say that your brand is a little more likely to have a heart attack :)

If you want to get more detailed information about all these processes, you can visit us at our Istanbul and Izmir agencies.