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Instagram İş Birliği Gönderisi Nasıl Oluşturulur?

How to Create an Instagram Collaboration Post?

Digital media channels offer different options to reach target audiences. The target audience and strategy of each differ among themselves. The most preferred collaboration efforts are mostly on Instgarma. So, how to create an Instagram collaboration post? Let's see together.

How to create an Instagram collaboration post?
*     Click the Create (+) icon at the bottom of your Instagram app.
*     Then select the photo or Reel you want to upload.
*     Before posting, select 'Tag People' in the edit section and click 'Send Collaboration Request'.
*     Select the users you want to collaborate with, then tap 'OK'. When you're ready, click the 'Share' button.

Important note: Do not forget to write a title and add a location before sending. People you want to collaborate with will receive an invitation to join the post. Once the invitation is accepted, the post will appear on the profile pages of both accounts.