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Sosyal Medya İçerik Takvimi Nasıl Hazırlanır?

How to Prepare a Social Media Content Calendar?

Social media is a endless sea. Your brands are ships floating on this sea. If you don't have a route or a guide, you won't know how to move these ships through the sea. This is where the trouble begins. So let's start with the first question.

What is the social media content schedule?

Social media content calendar is a route you should prepare for every brand on social media. While preparing this calendar, it is necessary to proceed without skipping the important elements that you need to pay attention to. Let's examine those items together :)

1. Goal Setting:

The first step is to determine what you are aiming for when creating your social media content calendar. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Do you want to provide more in-depth information to your target audience? Clarifying these goals will guide you as you create your calendar.

2. Determining the Target Audience:

On which social media platforms do you have an active target audience? What demographics do they have? What types of content are they more attracted to? The answers to these questions will help you shape your content calendar.

3. Determining Content Types:

 It's important to include a variety of content types in your content calendar. You can attract and connect with your followers with various content such as images, videos, blog posts, user stories, customer reviews.

4. Content Planning:

Start planning content on a weekly or monthly basis. Determine what content you will share on specific days. For example, you can share a motivational quote at the beginning of the week, a product promotion in the middle week, and users' photos and comments at the weekend.

5. Creating Visuals and Texts:

Create visual and text content for the content you specify in your content calendar. Make sure your images match your brand's visual identity, and make sure the text is written in a way that will impress your target audience.

6. Creating and Publishing a Calendar:

Organize the content calendar you create using a calendar tool or social media management tool. Publish content on set dates and monitor follower engagement.

7. Evaluation and Analysis:

After a certain period of time (for example, at the end of each month), evaluate your content performance. Which content received more interaction? Which content received more shares? By analyzing this data, you can continuously improve your content strategy.

By following these steps, you can make your social media content calendar more organized and effective. If you would like to receive social media consultancy service, you can visit our offices in Istanbul and Izmir.