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Influencer ve İçerik Üreticileri Bu Yenilikler Sizin İçin!

Influencers and Content Creators, These Innovations Are For You!

As you know, Instgaram is a platform open to supporting Influencers and Content Creators regarding the innovations they create. Following innovations closely, Instagram supports Influencers and Content Creators with 4 new features.

What are the 4 new features coming to Instagram?

1. You can now make live broadcasts only for channel members. You can make your followers feel special and communicate with them more closely. In this way, you can strengthen brand / product loyalty.

2. The other feature is Personalized Theme. You can customize your channel with themes you create that suit your style and brand.

3. You can moderate the reactions of your channel members. In other words, you can hide the emoticons you do not want your channel members to use. In this way, signs and symbols that should not be used in live broadcasts are disabled under your control.

4. The last feature is the invitation with QR. Every channel now has a QR code. You can use this QR code in your designs and thus increase the number of members of your channel.