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X, Beğeni Sekmesini Kaldırıyor!

X ,is Removing the Likes Tab!

Social media platforms are now making their updates so fast that even we sometimes have difficulty keeping up with this speed :)

Actually, considering that we are in the age of speed, these updates are very normal. We will all see that these updates will be much faster in the future.

The newest update is from the X platform. Social media platform X has announced that it will soon stop seeing public likes on its users' profile page. This information has been verified by X engineers.

Haofei Wang, X's director of engineering, said: 'We make likes special. Public likes encourage misbehavior. For example, many people are reluctant to like content that may be 'Dangerous' for fear of retaliation from trolls or to protect their public image. I want to be able to like it without worrying about who might see it near me. "We would also like to remind you that the more posts you like, the better your algorithm will become" he said.

In fact, X Premium subscribers could optionally hide the likes tab on their profiles, but the platform plans to eliminate this completely. Let's see when this update will be implemented.