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Reklamları TouTube'da Engellemek İmkansız Mı Olacak?

Will It Be Impossible to Block Ads on TouTube?

The importance of social media advertising today is indisputable for everyone. Most of the products we buy online are products that appear in Instagram ads based on our interests. It becomes more and more difficult for us to remain indifferent to a product that attracts our attention, whether it is food, jewelry or textiles. This being the case, brands want to turn this situation into an opportunity in every sense.

YouTube is working on an innovation that will make brands happy on this exact issue. Here is the new advertising feature planned to come to YouTube.

YouTube is testing a way to make it impossible to use an ad blocker. This method prevents blockers from interfering by allowing ads to become part of the videos.

As you know, YouTube has recently announced on the platform, 'If you are not Premium, you have to watch ads.' adopted the approach. However, it has now been learned that it has further expanded its plans to prevent ad blockers. It will now be impossible to use ad blockers. What does this mean?

Ads will now be part of the videos you watch on your device. In other words, the two will not reach the user separately as usual. This method allowed ad blockers to intervene. In the new system, advertising will be an integral part of the video. Let's see how this feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will be received by YouTube users.