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Song Psychic Nedir?

What is Song Psychic?

Innovations in the digital world continue without slowing down. This time the innovation comes from Spotify.

What is Song Psychic?

Spotify has launched its new feature called Song Psychic, which allows customers to ask questions to the platform and receive answers in the form of music. Song Psychic uses Spotify's understanding of music and song titles to answer personal questions you might ask a psychic for fun, with song suggestions.

How Does Song Psychic Work?

All you need to do to use the feature is actually a few very simple steps. You can visit spotify.com/songpsychic from your mobile device or use the QR code on Song Psychic's website. After this process, the feature page will open and you will see 9 different categories such as family, friends, love, school, career and future. There are certain questions in the category you choose, and when you choose any of these questions, Spotify will make a suggestion for you based on your listening history.

Although this feature of Spotify seems like an average feature, it may be a choice for those who cannot find what to listen to at that moment.