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Instagram'da Reklam Nasıl Verilir?

How to Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, encompassing the target audience of many brands. Brands are increasingly focusing on Instagram ads to reach this target audience, especially for those focusing on e-commerce.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

To advertise on Instagram, you need to use Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook Ad Manager allows you to create, publish, and report on ads from your business account. Let's take a look at how to advertise on Instagram step by step:

  1. Firstly, log in to Facebook Business Manager with your business account credentials to open Facebook Ad Manager. Then click on "Ads". At this stage, you need to determine the objective of your ad campaign. Choose the most suitable type of ad for your target audience, such as driving traffic, increasing product sales, etc.

  2. After completing this step, you need to determine who you want your ads to be seen by. Specify the age, gender, region, etc., of your target audience. Then select where your ad will appear among Instagram ad formats. For example, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, etc.

  3. We've come to an important step for your ad campaign: budget allocation. Determine how much you want to spend on your ad campaign and how long your ads will be running. Make sure to choose between daily budget and lifetime budget at this stage.

  4. And the final step :) Create the content and design of your ads and determine the ad format. For example, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc.

Once you've selected your ad format, your ad is complete. Don't forget to carefully review all the information again. If everything is in order, you can click "Save" and "Publish" to launch your campaign.

After your ad is approved and active, remember to periodically check your ad performance data and don't forget to generate an ad report at the end to see if your ad reached its target audience :)