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Friend Map Nedir?

What is Friend Map?

We are going through a very fast-paced period where we wake up to a different innovation every day. This speed, especially on social media platforms, does not scare us from time to time :) Keeping up with this rapid change is of course of great importance. Instagram is preparing to add another one to these innovations. First Name; Friend Map

What is Friend Map?

Instagram announced that it is working on a new feature called Friend Map. Alessandro Paluzzi first revealed this new application. The Friend Map feature allows you to see where your friend is and where he or she is located, with all posts and stories tagged with a location added to the map screen. It's actually very similar to Snapchat's Snap Map. Friend Map, which will allow users to see the locations of their friends in real time, has already started to arouse curiosity among users.

The optional functionality can show both live location and past visits, depending on your settings. The feature we think you will really like is that users can choose which friends can see their maps.

Additionally, Friend Map will allow users to leave text messages or notes on the map for users to see. Here, an important area is created for the places providing service. Because people who have fun, eat and shop in that place will be able to share their positive or negative thoughts about your business or the service you offer via Friend Map. This will of course have an impact on people who want to come to that place or buy the product. We will all experience and see how effective it will be.