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X'de Gönderiler Beğeni Sayısına Göre Sıralanacak!

Posts in X will be Sorted by Likes!

We are faced with another X innovation. If you remember, Twitter, with its new name X, briefly blocked access to the site from users who did not have an account in June and July, before embarking on its rebranding journey. Although this has since ended, there has been a change in the profiles of users who have since logged out and re-login to the platform. X started sorting the posts on the profile by the number of likes. To be clear, this decision seems to have entered into force as of the last week of July.

When you look at it now, you can see that all past tweets of users on the platform are sorted by the number of likes. It should also be noted that they do not take the number of views as a criterion. That's why posts with more views but lower likes are shown lower in the profile feed.

This new arrangement is not for everyone because current posts remain below, while a post you shared in the past years can be moved to the top. Of course, in this case, it creates an unfavorable profile for journalists and broadcasting organizations that share content on the agenda.

Another sad news is that the hold-to-repeat feature is disabled. Whatever you do Ynai, unless your current content gets enough likes, it will be inferior to the current update.

Of course, it doesn't end there either. You need to be logged in to see replies to posts. You cannot access replies while you are logged out. In addition, you must be logged in to see the 'Media' and 'Like' tabs.