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Instagram Hikayelerine Yeni Özellik

New Feature for Instagram Stories

2024 will be a very fast year in terms of technology and digital. Get ready for updates on digital media :) The first innovation of the new year was announced on Instagram. Instagram users will soon be able to share profiles on their stories. Let's look at the details together.

Meta, which has made many updates recently, improves the user experience by adding new features to its applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

In his post on his X account, Alessandro Paluzzi said that Instagram will soon allow sharing profiles in stories. With the profile sharing feature coming to Instagram, users will be able to share another user's profile on their story.

Profiles will appear in detail directly in the story, along with a few photos and bio sections. It will also be possible to access the profile of the person in the story by clicking on the 'View Profile' button that will be added to the story.

It is thought that this planned feature is a new way to interact with followers and that content producers who collaborate with brands will advance their interactions and collaborations by introducing the brands' profiles in their stories.