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2023 Yılında En Çok Kullanılan Sosyal Medya Uygulaması Hangisi?

Which is the Most Used Social Media Application in 2023?

Social media channels are among the indispensable parts of our day that we all use frequently. Social media channels used for both personal and brands are also in a sweet competition among themselves. Their aim is to have the highest number of users.

Even though the number of users varies throughout the year, these applications always keep their update section active to increase the number of users and enable them to use their applications more comfortably and for a longer time.

Especially for Generation Z, the internet is indispensable for life. Generation Z, the first generation born into the internet, is increasingly having a say on the internet. In this sense, the social media channels most used by Generation Z in the USA were analyzed. If you are ready, we are writing about the most used social media channel of 2023.

The social media most used by Generation Z in 2023 was Snapchat with 51 percent. We were surprised, how about you? :)

The shared list shows how much each generation uses which application. Generation Z is; Instagram ranked third with 33.7 percent, and X (Twitter) ranked fourth with 32.6 percent.

Accordingly, Generation Y mostly uses Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Generation X mostly uses Facebook, WhatsApp and X (Twitter). The generation born between 1946 and 1964 uses Facebook and YouTube the most.