m a s k e m e d y a
Yapay Zeka Instagram'da!

Artificial Intelligence is on Instagram!

Artificial intelligence is taking its place in our lives so quickly that we often cannot keep up with its speed. Even though we like these innovations and the details that make our lives easier right now, it does make us think a little about how effective they will be on our lives in the future :)

Of course, artificial intelligence news came from the place we expected, namely Instagram. Meta announced many new features for its hosted platforms at the Connect event it organized. One of these features is, of course, Instagram's artificial intelligence feature. Let's examine the new feature together.

Thanks to this feature called 'Restyle', users can edit their photos with artificial intelligence.

What is Restyle?

The tool, called 'Restyle', looks like a supercharged AI filter. It allows users to transform their existing photos into different looks. "Consider using a descriptor like 'watercolour' or a more detailed command like 'collage from magazines and newspapers' to describe the new look and feel of the image you want to create," Meta explains.

In addition, it also previewed a new tool called 'backdrop', which is an artificial intelligence-supported green screen feature. This feature seems to attract great attention from users.

Meta has not yet made a statement about when Restyle and Backdrop will be available to Instagram users. But it certainly won't last long.

At this stage, we can feel that the question of how to distinguish which visual is real and which visual was created by artificial intelligence is floating in your mind. Here is the answer;

It added that posts created using both background and reformatting will come with tags that indicate 'the use of artificial intelligence to reduce the likelihood of people confusing them with human-generated content.' It is currently unknown what these labels will be like.

In addition to all these innovations, Meta also showed off new artificial intelligence-generated stickers that can also be used in WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Stories. This feature will allow users to quickly create custom stickers during their conversations. This feature will be available to select English language users within the next month.