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X'in Algoritması Değişiyor mu?

Is X's Algorithm Changing?

Our innovation news this time is from X. X is on the agenda with a new algorithm for its followers. Let's look at this innovation together.

What is X's New Algorithm?

According to the post of Elon Musk, the owner of X, the company is preparing to release a 'major update' in its algorithm. Musk said that while the application's Special for You stream currently highlights popular accounts that users follow, their friends, or people they follow, the new algorithm will also highlight posts from accounts with fewer followers.

Musk stated that the new update will be released within a few days and will be made open source as it is continuously developed.

It is clear that this new X algorithm update will highlight accounts with low followers. This means that pages with fewer followers can have more followers.

As you know, over the past few months, X has focused on content creators; It increased the character limit to 25 thousand for paying subscribers and offered the ability to upload videos of up to two hours.

If X's algorithm change is successful, it seems that small-scale content creators can be given more access on X.