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TikTok'a Yeni Oturum Açma Özelliği Geldi!

New Login Feature Arrived in TikTok!

The video sharing service TikTok, which is especially popular among young people, is here with its new feature. TikTok has introduced the ability to sign in with their keys (passkey) for iOS devices. So now TikTok users will have the option to log in with the passkeys associated with their Apple ID. This feature means you can easily log into accounts using Face or Touch ID.

In addition, there is an important detail that we should mention. One of the keys is a login key associated with the website or service, while the other is a private key stored only on the user's device. An important detail; To use passkeys on iPhones and iPads on TikTok, devices must be running the latest version of iOS.

iCloud Keychain must also be enabled, as Apple stores passkeys in its password management system. Finally, two-factor authentication must be turned on for Apple IDs.

This new update of TikTok will launch this month in select regions in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. It is on the agenda that the feature of logging in with TikTok keys (passkey) may be used in other regions and different operating systems (Android) over time.

If this feature is active, you can activate it by going to the profile under the application and accessing Settings and Privacy in the Menu. Next, you need to access the Account option and then tap the iCloud passkeys to see the setup screen.