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Meta, Facebook ve Instagram'a Reklamsız Ücretli Abonelik Geliyor!

Ad-free Paid Subscription is Coming to Meta, Facebook and Instagram!

The issue that has always been talked about but never realized is on the agenda again. We talked about Meta's ability to offer paid subscription options for Instagram and Facebook to EU countries. Meta announced that it would launch an ad-free paid subscription model for Facebook and Instagram in November.

So, why does Meta offer a paid subscription option?

We have previously told you that Facebook had to get permission to show personalized ads in the European Union. The Luxembourg-based court ruled that Meta's Facebook brand needed approval before serving some personalized ads in the EU. In other words, personalized ads do not justify processing this volume of data without users' consent. For this very reason, it is inevitable that it will be subject to some restrictions. The subscription option is also offered as an alternative.

In light of these developments, Meta once again emphasized that it respects European laws and is committed to complying with these laws.

Here is the real question; To whom will ad-free paid subscription be available?

The ad-free paid subscription will only be available to users aged 18 and over in the EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland. While the subscription is initially valid for all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts; In the future, Meta will demand extra fees for linked accounts.

From 1 March 2024, there will be an additional fee of 6 euros on web and 8 euros on iOS and Android per linked account. According to the statement, as long as a person continues to subscribe, the person's data will not be used for ad targeting.

In addition, the paid subscription option that will be offered to users in European Union countries is 9.99 euros per month for the web version and 12.00 euros per month for the iOS and Android versions.