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Marka Kimliği Nedir?

What is Brand Identity?

The digital world is growing day by day. With this growth, competition increases. One of the most important features that will distinguish you from others when competing is brand identity. The position your brand creates in the customer's mind is of great importance. Therefore, let's examine together what a Brand Identity is.

What is Brand Identity?

The whole feeling, thought and image that your brand represents in the minds of your customers is called brand identity. Brand identity also includes issues such as how your brand addresses the target audience, what values ​​it adopts and what different points it emphasizes.

If we want to draw a general line, brand identity; It is a combination of many data, from the logo to the colors used, from the font to the tone of voice, from the approach to social events to the way of addressing.

How you express yourself and therefore your brand is important. Make sure your brand always conveys a clear message to your target audience. Always find a way to remind your consumers about yourself, but in our opinion, the most valuable thing is to create loyal customers.

Loyal customers are a very valuable audience that is everywhere and defends your brand against different opinions like its own. The emotional bond established between this audience and the brand is not easily damaged, and if you tell us, the success of a website depends on the size of this target audience.

We recommend that you do not skip the part of creating loyal customers while creating your brand identity.