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Instagram Hikayelerinde Yenilik!

Innovation in Instagram Stories!

Instagram, the most preferred and used social media network, continues to test and activate new features without slowing down. The innovation this time is in the Instagram Stories section.

As you know, the Instagram application has long allowed people to share stories that can only be seen by people they have designated as 'close friends'. Users love this feature and prefer to use it because from time to time some posts may not be wanted to be seen by all followers. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced that there will be an update in this infrastructure. With this upcoming update, people will soon be able to create different lists. So, to explain it in a little more detail: A shared story can only be viewed by people in group 'A', group 'B' or group 'C'.

Additionally, another innovation is coming to posts. The feature, which some people can currently actively test, will show normal shares only to people selected as 'close friends'. In this way, a content flow can be created only among close friends, and these private shares will not be used by the recommendation algorithm.

Instagram, which plans to come to the fore with ambitious innovations, seems to attract the appreciation of those who do not want everyone to see every post with this innovation.