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Instagram, Gizli Hesaplara Yenilik Getiriyor!

Instagram Brings Innovation to Private Accounts!

Instagram, the largest social media platform among social media platforms, continues to make important innovations. Instagram, which carries out studies in line with the demands of users, is now testing a feature for those who use private accounts.

As you know, Instagram has recently increased the importance it attaches to privacy. It took a different step in this regard and started showing messages from people who do not follow you as requests with an update it made in the past weeks. Afterwards, he started working on the feature of hiding read receipts. Now it has been revealed that Instagram will have a different privacy feature.

According to the information shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, the new feature of Instagram is as follows. Users will now need to enter a reason when they send a follow request to a person. How does that sound? So, just sending an add request will no longer be enough. :)

It is not yet clear how to use this new feature. In other words, it is not clear yet whether users will write a private message or choose one of the available options when requesting a follow. We will see in the future.

Additionally, there is another small innovation we would like to mention. This topic is for Stalker users :) As you know, profile photos can be zoomed on Instagram. People who wish will now be able to disable the zooming of their profile photo. This must be a good innovation for users who care about privacy.