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YouTube Shorts'a Canlı Videolar Geliyor!

Live Video is Coming to YouTube Shorts!

Youtube, which is among the most used platforms in 2023, continues to update itself every day. Google platform YouTube, which continues to be the clear leader, is starting to add live videos to Shorts streams.

Of course, there seems to be a little bit of TikTok's influence behind this innovation :) YouTube continues to develop the vertical form and short-term Shorts format with the influence of TikTok. With the official announcement, YouTube will now start adding live videos to people's Shorts streams. Live videos will not automatically start in the stream, but you will need to press the 'watch live' button at the bottom to watch them.

This infrastructure, which will soon be open to everyone, will most likely reach a significant number of users in a short time. We will try it and see the process together.