m a s k e m e d y a
Yapay Zeka Nedir?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

We now hear about artificial intelligence everywhere. This concept, which has been included in our lives in recent years, has begun to be used in more and more places. Let's take a look at what artificial intelligence actually is.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence in the most understandable way; It is the ability of a machine to mimic our brain to process, collect, evaluate or analyze information. It uses algorithms and rules that analyze large data sets to evaluate data like a human brain. It sounds a little scary when you write it like that, doesn't it?

In this context, as you understand, artificial intelligence is not a single technology. It consists of various technologies and methodologies that work together to enhance the intelligence of machines.

What are the Features of Artificial Intelligence?

It is a general term that covers various areas of expertise and techniques. These areas are not separate from each other. They all complement each other. Some examples;

- Machine Learning (ML)

-Deep learning (DL)

-Natural Language Processing (NLP)

-Neural Networks

-Image Processing (CV)