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X, yeni reklam geliri kazanma şartlarını açıkladı!

X, has announced new ad revenue earning terms!

X seems to be on the agenda. X, one of the social media that has made the most of its name recently, is on the agenda again with an update.

The company announced in its share that it has reduced the eligibility threshold for advertising revenue sharing from 15 million impressions to 5 million impressions, and the minimum payment threshold from $ 50 to $ 10 in the last 3 months.

To qualify for payouts, users still need to have a verified account and at least 500 followers. Because shortly after the sharing of X, Musk shared an article stating that only impressions from verified accounts will be considered for advertising revenue sharing. However, there is a small problem here. It's not clear how creators will find out how many views their posts get from verified users.

X started sharing ad revenue with verified creators in July. Later, it opened the program to verified content creators around the world. Stating that after this process, content producers will be paid a total of 5 million dollars in the first round, Musk said that there will be a delay in the payment planned for July 31 due to the intense interest in the advertising revenue sharing program last week.