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X Blue Aboneleri çin Yenilik!

Novelty for X Blue Subscribers!

Twitter as we are used to, with its new name X, does not slow down with its innovations. X now allows users to download videos from the website as long as a few criteria are met.

So how to download video on X?

First, the content producer must give explicit permission to download the content they publish. Also, the ability to save videos on the website is only available to verified users who have paid for a Blue subscription.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, announced the new feature in his post. He explained how verified users can download videos while the video is in full screen mode. He also added that X will soon make it easier to download videos to mobile devices by simply tapping and holding the content on the screen.

This is the update. Before the advent, users had to use third-party websites and apps to download videos. Let us remind you that users who do not pay for X Blue subscribers must make a payment to use this feature. In addition, let's talk about another benefit it provides to verified users. X allows verified users to tweet up to 25,000 characters and share up to three hours of video.