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Twitter'ın Mavi Kuşu Gidiyor!

The Blue Bird of Twitter Is Leaving!

The winds of change are blowing on Twitter again. Twitter owner Elon Musk announced that Twitter's logo will be changed soon and the blue bird will be said goodbye.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $ 44 billion and six months later his company X Crop. combined with. In his post on the platform, he first announced that he would say goodbye to the Twitter brand and all other birds. After this explanation, he stated that if a good X logo is shared properly, the logo will be made available worldwide one day later.

Musk changed his profile picture to a white X logo on a black background. The name of the Twitter account on the platform has changed to X, while the profile photo has said goodbye to the blue bird. Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino also shared a photo of the X logo being projected onto the company's headquarters in San Francisco. CEO Yaccarino said in his post on the platform that X, which he describes as the 'future state of unlimited interaction', will connect us to each other in ways that we have only just begun to imagine with the support of artificial intelligence and will be a platform that can offer everything.