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Threads'in Beklenen Web Sürümü Yayında!

The Anticipated Web Version of Threads is Released!

The web version of Threads, which is always talked about and expected to come to life, is on the air. Adam Mosseri, in a post he shared on Threads, stated that the web version was opened to all users.

Because Threads is not a web page, many users expected such a development. While it was possible to manually navigate to a specific user's profile over the web, users were unable to browse their feed. In addition, features such as post sharing and replying were not available, while Threads users could not log in to their accounts from browsers. With this new update, this problem has been solved.

The new desktop interface draws attention with its similarity to the mobile application. However, there are some minor differences.

You have to click a button in the lower left corner to switch between the 'For You' and 'Requested' feeds. However, your desktop version has some limitations. For example, not being able to edit your profile, not being able to send Instagram DM from the web, not being able to quote posts are a few of them.

Despite all these developments, the fact that more than half of Threads users are no longer using the platform may have pushed the company to launch a web version. The absence of the Wen version was an obstacle to expanding the user base and increasing engagement levels.

We think that Threads will accelerate in other expected developments and innovations with this innovation.