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Threads Artık Facebook'ta!

Threads is now on Facebook!

Since Threads entered our lives, it continues to add innovations to maintain its place among social media channels. Now, it is here again with an innovation.

Meta's latest move to increase engagement on Threads was to show Threads posts on Facebook. You may now see a phrase on Facebook saying 'In Threads for you'. Meta, which offered a similar feature to Instagram users in August, has not yet made a statement about whether this move will increase the interaction of Threads, but our personal opinion is that it will increase.

Threads recently introduced a free post editing option and the ability to easily switch between accounts. It is also preparing to offer the 'Trending Topics' feature like in X. Additionally, in our opinion, another important statement was made. In the statement, he said that he aims to introduce the feature of deleting the Threads account separately from deleting the Instagram account for Threads by December.