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What is Creating a Brand?

What is Creating a Brand?

Are you ready for a long and enjoyable journey?

Creating a Brand is one of the most enjoyable and exciting adventures you will experience in your life. This process, where every moment is special to you and every touch will reflect you, is as difficult as it is enjoyable.

You may need a consultant who is an expert in your business in order to complete the brand creation journey both enjoyable and correctly. If you cannot position your brand correctly at the beginning of the process, correcting it later will cause you to lose money, time and energy. So let's talk about this in detail.

What are the Basics of Brand Building?

As in every stage, it is necessary to first determine a goal in creating a brand from scratch. The field of activity in which your brand will be located will greatly guide you in this regard. Of course, do not skip doing market research about your brand in order to follow the right path.

After market research, you also analyze your competitors' products. This is the most sensitive place. We are in a place that is the reason why many brands become brands or not. What are the features that distinguish your brand from your competitors? Please don't skip this place. Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs miss this point and their dreams do not come true. They end this adventure with disappointment, wasting their time, money and energy.

After doing your market research, list the features that differentiate your brand from your competitors. It is important to determine your services, narrative and ideology in this process. Don't forget to base your brand language on this basis.

To summarize; Think of the brand creation process like the birth of a baby. Remember that it is a painful and time-consuming process. If you proceed step by step and with the right guidance in this process, you can enjoy watching how your brand transforms from a seed to a sapling and then to a tree. The important thing is the right seed, good soil and timely watering :)