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Lead Nedir?

What is Lead?

Lead, which is becoming a term you hear more and more often, can actually be interpreted as the heart of every brand. Let's take a look at the Lead section, which is a very important data source for brands.

What is a Lead?

Lead means potential customer. It represents a consumer who has expressed interest in a business's product or service, shared contact information, or taken a specific action. I think you now understand more clearly why we just mentioned above as the heart of a marla. :) These potential customers are often the ideal people to purchase a product or service from.

While it is very difficult to track down, meet or notice potential customers in old types of advertising, this is much easier and more effective in digital media. Especially in e-commerce, leads are a critical element of identifying and managing potential customers.

What Does a Lead E-Commerce Page Include?

Leads include visitors who visit an ecommerce business's website, review a product, or take an action. The real process begins after finding these potential customers. Communicating effectively with them, focusing on their needs and converting them into customers is of great importance for e-commerce businesses.

Lead management includes the process of tracking, segmenting potential customers and applying specific marketing strategies to them.