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Instagram'da Paylaşımlarımı Kimler Görsün?

Who Should See My Posts on Instagram?

Social media platforms continue to announce their new features back to back. The latest innovation is from Instagram!

Just like your story posts on Instagram, now only the people you want will be able to see your posts. You will be able to select the people you want in your reels and posts and choose to have only those people see your post. This way, not everyone who follows you will see every post you post. Let's look at the details together :)

If you want only the people I want to see my posts on Instagram to see them, first go to the share post section and select your post. Click on the target audience and select close friends. Whoever is on your close friends list, your post is shared to be shown to those people. No one else will see this post you have made except those people.

Thanks to this new feature, you are now in control of who can and cannot see your posts!