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2022-2023 Sosyal Medya Performans Verileri Hap Bilgiler Bölüm 1

2022-2023 Social Media Performance Data Pill Information Part 1

As you know, the heart of social media consists of analysis and values. Now sit back, grab your coffee, tea and hold on tight. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram performance data of selected brands, which I will explain in a few sections, await you throughout 2022. Here we go :)

First of all, the channels I mentioned above received 5.9% more growth per page, 261 posts per page, and 49,761 interactions per page.

The monthly average performance per page of social media accounts throughout 2022 is as follows;

    Facebook: Growth rate 0.02% , number of posts 16, Engagement 1.018, 63 interactions per post, 0.61% engagement rate
    Twitter: Growth rate 0.48% , number of posts 52, Engagement 898, Engagement per post 17, Engagement rate 0.77%
    Instagram: Growth rate 0.83%, number of posts 17, Engagement 7.146, Engagement per post 420, Engagement rate 1.67%

Throughout the year, the followers of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts continued to grow by increasing their digital assets by an average of 5.9% per page.

    Annual growth 54 M
    monthly growth 4M
    Annual growth 2,424 per page
    Monthly growth per page 218

When we look at the months, there is not a big difference in the growth rates.

As we can all guess, the most growing medium is of course INSTAGRAM :) Although the growth rate decreased by 8.24% compared to the previous year, the result did not change. Facebook, on the other hand, finished the year with -113 growth. I haven't gotten to the exciting part yet. Wait for more... :)